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Unit display in WW 2.13 and CAPA

Re: Unit display in WW 2.13 and CAPA

by Michael Gage -
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Most likely you need to update some configurations in localOverrides.conf

search for:
"Special" PG environment variables. (Stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere else.)

The following are commented out in the localOverrides.conf.dist file. You will need
to uncomment them and make sure they are pointing to the right place.
You will also need to make sure that your course template directory has a
an alias named Contrib that points to the Contrib directory of the webwork-open-problem-library repo.

 $pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{DragMath} = 0;
 #$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_Tools} = "$courseDirs{templates}/Contrib/CAPA/macros/CAPA_Tools/",
 #$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_MCTools} = "$courseDirs{templates}/Contrib/CAPA/macros/CAPA_MCTools/",
 #$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_GraphicsDirectory} = "$courseDirs{templates}/Contrib/CAPA/CAPA_Graphics/",
 #push @{$pg{directories}{macrosPath}},
 # "$courseDirs{templates}/Contrib/CAPA/macros/CAPA_Tools",
 # "$courseDirs{templates}/Contrib/CAPA/macros/CAPA_MCTools";

 # The link Contrib in the course templates directory should point to ../webwork-open-problem-library/Contrib