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Stokes or Green problems

Stokes or Green problems

by Edwin Flórez -
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when I choose to list: Calculus - multivariable-->Fundamental theorems-> Stokes or Green theorems, in Library Browser it shows "There are 0 matching WeBWorK problems". Could this be a bug, these were listed in my previous WW version, I am using 2.13 now.

Any help will appreciated.
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Re: Stokes or Green problems

by Danny Glin -
There is a bug in 2.13 where sections with apostrophes in their names show 0 matching problems. It was fixed in the development version, but never got backported to 2.13.

You can fix the bug by placing this version of ListingDB.pm in /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/Utils.