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Call for papers at MAA session at 2019 Joint Math Meetings in Baltimore.

Call for papers at MAA session at 2019 Joint Math Meetings in Baltimore.

by Michael Gage -
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MAA session on Open Educational Resources: Combining Technological Tools and Innovative Practices to Improve Student Learning,

organized by Benjamin Atchison, Framingham State University,
Marianna Bonanome, New York City College of Technology,
Margaret H. Dean, Borough of Manhattan Community College,
Michael Gage, University of Rochester, and
Yi Han, Borough of Manhattan Community College,

Experimentation in classroom methodologies is blooming. An increasing number of instructors are adapting more than one OER technological tool and combining them with active learning techniques to improve student learning in their classrooms. This session will provide a venue for exposition of these experiments, thereby disseminating results (positive and negative), reducing duplication of effort, promoting collaboration between instructors and providing recognition for those on the front lines of experimental learning. Sponsored by the MAA Committee on Technologies in Mathematics Education (CTiME).

Those wishing to talk in this session should submit their abstracts at

Abstract submissions are due September 25, 2018.
The talks will be twenty minutes long with five minutes for questions (and five minutes to set up for the next talk.)

Session time slot:

Friday January 18, 2019: 8:00 am — 11:00 am

For further information contact Benjamin Atchison batchison@framingham.edu

Everyone invited. :-) Get those abstracts in by Sept 25!!!