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Ambitious "Quiz/Gateway" set goal

Ambitious "Quiz/Gateway" set goal

by Ryan Maccombs -
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I have been using a decent amount of these quiz/gateway sets as a way for my students to practice in a timed setting environment (which emulates our quizzes and exams). The only issue that I have is at the beginning of the semester no matter how large of font I use in the syllabus or scream at them during the first week there are some students who click on one of these links accidentally and it generates a `quiz' that they really didn't want to generate.

I use the Set description which generates this wonderful bootstrap tooltip

but I was hoping to alter some code back in some server file to change from a tooltip to a bootstrap modal so that students have a chance to cancel if they are not ready to take the quiz at that time.

If anyone has any insights on how this can be accomplished I would be very interested. I am using version 2.12.