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The WebWork Project Elects Officers

The WebWork Project Elects Officers

by John Travis -
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As a result of the recent conference calls, an organization known for now as "The WebWork Project" is now moving forward. This organization seeks to provide support for the long-term sustainability of WeBWorK and a place for stakeholders to provide leadership toward that end.

An online election was held following the last conference call and the following will form the executive committee for this new organization:

President: John Travis
President Elect: Robin Cruz
Program Manager: Danny Glin
Secretary: Tim Flowers
Treasurer: Mike Gage (who will also serve as "Past President")

A number of other leadership slots have been considered and will be announced later. Further, working groups are currently working on developing a business plan for the organization, creating an official organizational structure, and licensing of the OPL.

Please consider taking part in our upcoming conference call on September 20 at 2pm Central. Details on how to connect will be posted here as the date gets closer.

Thanks to you all for your investments over the years in WeBWorK. The accumulation of these efforts have provided many students with a high-quality product and valuable resource.