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LTI authentication with accent in student's name

Re: LTI authentication with accent in student's name

by Nathan Wallach -
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I looked into this issue (which has been reported before in the forums) and tried to write a patch to fix problems with LTI authentication when there is OAuth signed data which contains multi-byte UTF8 characters. The patch is beta-code, as I don't have an LTI system with which I can test it (at present).

The details are in https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/issues/915 and the issue provides links to the branch in my webwork2 with the beta code of the patch, an explanation of the core issue, links to the patched files, and instructions for testing.

Larry - If you are able to test the code, it would help. You could possibly add an extra if condition to initially allow the new code to run only for the specific student having problems by testing for a match of part of their LTI identity data.