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Matching Tables analogous to imageChoice

Matching Tables analogous to imageChoice

by Bruce Yoshiwara -
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I'd like to create matching problems in which function descriptions are matched with corresponding tables of values, much as imageChoice allows problems for matching function descriptions with graphs.

I don't know how to accomplish this. I suppose that if I knew how to refer to a table in a variable name, I'd just put that name as the answer in a multiple choice or matching problem. But I can't image how to accomplish that.

The specific problem I'm considering is one in which a table of values for an unspecified function f is given, and then multiple other tables are provided that correspond to functions like f(x+k), f(x) + k, k*f(x), etc., and the student is asked to describe the transformation and write an appropriate expression.

Suggestions for how I should proceed?


Bruce Yoshiwara
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Re: Matching Tables analogous to imageChoice

by Danny Glin -
I would think that you should be able to put all of the code for the table in a variable, but I haven't actually tried this.

Can you post a sample of the code that generates your table?