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information in answer_log file

information in answer_log file

by Joel Trussell -
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I have always liked and touted the benefits of the "Get a new version of this problem" button. However, it seems that it is not used very much by our students. In fact, I'm not sure many students return to problems that have been graded and determine what they did wrong by checking the solutions.

I'd like to investigate how many students use various features of the Webwork problem sets. Webwork records the student answers while the problem set is active, but not afterward. I can tell from the answer_log that a student has visited a problem after the due date but I can't determine want s/he did there. is it possible to determine if the student hit the "Get a new version of this problem" button, actually submitted an answer, checked the answer entered, looked at the solution. We write very detailed solutions and would like to know how many students check them. Of course, students who get the problem correct don't need to see the solution, but how about students who do not get the correct answer. Do they check the solution?

The main question is what information can I get from the answer_log after the due date in order to determine how students are using Webwork to study or improve?