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Hashed passwords shown on Classlist

Hashed passwords shown on Classlist

by J Ranch -
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This is on WeBWorK version 2.13. When clicking on Classlist editor and then exporting users, you're able to see encrypted passwords on the exported file using the file manager. I understand that the passwords are hashed one-way and not in clear text (which would have been very bad!) but I've received a query and was wondering if it's possible to exclude passwords from being shown at all when exporting classlists. Is there any particular reason why they are included in the first place?

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Re: Hashed passwords shown on Classlist

by Alex Jordan -
Maybe someone else can say if there is a way to exclude them.

They are there because when you import the class list, the users will have their passwords they had before. How useful this is depends on how often you have reason to bring one class list from one course to another.