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Student's answer marked as correct, but no credit is given

Student's answer marked as correct, but no credit is given

by Jeffrey Adler -
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Sorry if there's something obvious that I'm missing here.

I granted a student an extra attempt at a problem. She then entered the correct answer, and WW marks it as correct. When I view her past answers, her current (correct) answer appears at the end of the list, submitted a few minutes ago. Having used the extra attempt I gave her, she now has 0 attempts remaining. So far, so good.

Trouble: Her score for the problem remains at 0%, even though the deadline isn't until tonight. We don't use a reduced scoring period.

Now, it's easy enough for me simply to reset her status on this problem to 1. But it looks to me like there's a wider issue. Apart from mentioning it here, what do I do? I know how to use bugzilla, but have no idea what materials to submit, apart from screenshots to prove that I'm not imagining this phenomenon.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Student's answer marked as correct, but no credit is given

by Michael Gage -
Hi Jeff,

I haven't seen this before but it's possible there is a bug here.

What would be most helpful would be to post this to bugzilla
(the module is the Problem.pm although it's not vitale that you specify)
If you can submit to bugzilla while editing the page containing the
problem and while acting as the student -- that will send the most
relevant data.

Submitting screen shots of the student's page after answering the problem,
particularly the material at the bottom which lists the current score, the
cumulative score (i.e. the highest score so far). Then also a screen shot
of the past answer list for this student. There may be clues in those two
screen shots.

Thanks for the report.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

-- Mike