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bug in problems?

bug in problems?

by Siman Wong -
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I'm new to the forum; apologies in advanced if I submit my post to the wrong section.

There seems to be a bug with
Specifically, the random variable 't' needs to be non-zero for the pre-set answer to be valid.

Also, in problem
there seems to be a sign error; I believe the correct answer should have been
$ans = "(-$a/(2*x**2)) + ($a/(2*$b**2)) + $c";

(apologies if I'm the one who is mistaken)

MANY thanks for your good work!

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Re: bug in problems?

by Imre Tuba -
Hi Sima,

The proper way to report bugs in Webwork problems is this:

1. While you are logged in to Webwork and you're looking at the problem which has the bug, click "Edit this problem"

2. On the page that pops up, click "report problem bugs."

3. The Bugzilla page pops up. I think the first time you're here, you need to create an account. Later on, you seem to be logged in automatically.

4. Fill out the form.

This way your report is automatically directed to the person who can correct the error.

Imre Tuba