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Some Statistics Topics Problems

Some Statistics Topics Problems

by Alex Jordan -
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Hi Everyone,

I'm working with a group of educators/ww users to assemble courses (of WeBWorK problems within Edfinity) that pair with common OER textbooks - see the evolving catalog here edfinity.co/oertextbooks. One course the team is working on is OpenStax Statistics, but the OPL is coming up short in a few areas.
  • Geometric distribution (OPL has 3 such tagged problems)
  • Hypergeometric distribution (OPL has 3 such tagged problems)
  • Chi squared tests (OPL has 22 such tagged problems)
  • Finding outliers for linear regression (I couldn't find any in the OPL; I maybe just don't know how to search for this)
  • More ANOVA problems (OPL has 31 such tagged problems)
Does anyone have a local library of problems overlapping with these topics that you would be willing to share? You will get attribution and a modest NSF honorarium for time spent and help create an affordable course.

Whether you opt to put the problems in the OPL or not is entirely up to you. I would be happy to help you with OPL contribution, if the details of doing that through git are unfamiliar.