email problem with WW2.13 liveDVD, ubuntu 16.04

email problem with WW2.13 liveDVD, ubuntu 16.04

by Siman Wong -
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Early in the day I reported getting the same errors with "email the instructor" as others in another thread (cf first attachment). But upon closer examination I realized that I got that error some of the time:

(1) If I logged in as admin, then then pretended to be a student and tried to "email the instructor", then I got the error message.

(2) I created a new student account by hand, logged in fresh as the student, and then "email the instructor" -- no error.

What's strange is that after I clicked the "email" button, webwork showed me a different screen depending on whether I'm in (1) or (2) --- I've sent along a screenshot for (1), whereas for (2) I do not have the "From" line. (there seems to be no way to attach two files)

For the record our system runs off the 2.13 liveDVD on a virtual machine, with kernel 4.10.0-32-generic. ;I'd be happy to provide additional info. Just let me know.

Attachment webwork-from.png