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InnoDB performance issues?

InnoDB performance issues?

by Jeremy Lounds -
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We are working on testing a cluster of MySQL servers to serve as the database back-end for multiple WeBWorK servers. Our current choice, Percona Xtradb Cluster, requires InnoDB as the db engine.

It appears the recommendation to use MyISAM instead of InnoDB has to do with performance, but I was unable to find specifics as to why this would be, or if it is still an issue. The most recent relevant forum post I could find was several years old.

Is anyone else using InnoDB in production, and what performance issues have you run into using it?

I see it mentioned in a few threads in regard to UTF-8, but we are more concerned about performance.

Thank you!

Jeremy Lounds
Michigan State University

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Re: InnoDB performance issues?

by Michael Gage -
Test the performance on loading the OPL database (OPL-update). When mysql was first switching to InnoDB that was very slow compared to MyISAM so we just shelved the switchover to InnoDB for the time being. I'm not aware that anyone else has actually tested this recently. Also OPL-update is not that time critical so if that is the only place there is slow performance then we would probably switch to InnoDB -- apparently it has some reliability advantages.

It's quite possible that the situation has changed over the last few years in terms of the relative speeds. Let us know what you find out.