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gateway grade proctor

gateway grade proctor

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi all,

We are using webwork for homework and exams in an online differential equations course that is now running for the first time.

For exams we are using the online proctoring service Examity. We want students to all do the exam within the same 12 hour window, but once started the student has 90 minutes to finish.

So, we set up the exams in webwork as proctored gateway quizzes. We communicate to Examity the password to allow students into the exam, and the examity proctors can enter this on the student's computer.

For various reasons, we do not want to require proctor authorization to grade the student's exam. One solution we have found is to change the proctor_quiz_grade permission to "student." Doing this, the student still cannot access the exam without the presence of the examity proctor, but *can* authorize webwork to grade his or her own exam.

It would be simpler if the student did not have to enter their login information to grade the exam. Is there a way to do this? If not, do you see any unintended consequences of changing the proctor_quiz_grade like this? Or, do you have any other suggestions for solutions?