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by Marie-Claude Bonneau -
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Our IT department hired an external consultant to install us a new WeBWorK version and now, we cannot generate PDF. We can generate Tex but I would like the PDF functionality. And since I have to help our IT department fix this, any detailed help would be appreciated ;)

Here is the error message :

4 errors occured while generating hardcopy:

  • Failed to convert TeX to PDF with command 'cd /opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/tmp/Linear_Algebra_I/hardcopy/work.ASIImIbU && /bin/pdflatex --shell-escape >pdflatex.stdout 2>pdflatex.stderr hardcopy' (exit=1 signal=0 core=0).
  • First error in TeX log is:
    ! LaTeX Error: File `path.sty' not found. Type X to quit or <RETURN> to proceed, or enter new name. (Default extension: sty) Enter file name: 
  • Failed to rename 'hardcopy.pdf' to 'Linear_Algebra_I.mbonneau.Assignment_11_W2019.pdf' in directory '/opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/tmp/Linear_Algebra_I/hardcopy/work.ASIImIbU':
    /bin/mv: cannot stat '/opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/tmp/Linear_Algebra_I/hardcopy/work.ASIImIbU/hardcopy.pdf': No such file or directory 
  • Final hardcopy file '/opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/tmp/Linear_Algebra_I/hardcopy/work.ASIImIbU/hardcopy.pdf' not found after calling 'generate_hardcopy_pdf': No such file or directory

WeBWorK was unable to generate a paper copy of this homework set. Please inform your instructor.

Thank you.
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Re: Download PDF

by Michael Gage -
Hi Marie-Claude,

The only problem is that the TeX distribution on your machine is missing the file

The comments here might help.

The path.sty file can be found at

and here is something describing where to put it in the tex tree:

Hope this helps.

Take care,