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LMS ItsLearning and LTI 1.3

LMS ItsLearning and LTI 1.3

by Erik Thorsen -
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We are looking into the possibility to move from Moodle to an LMS supported by our University called ItsLearning (IL). We have a couple of questions which may be more like "checks" before we try updating/patching our WW installations.

1. IL uses LTI 1.3 and as we see it WW is using LTI1.2. Is there anyone who is working on or worked with upgrading WWLTI 1.2 to 1.3?

2. Is there anyone who has any prior experience with the IL platform and using WW with it? Is there anyone working on official support for the IL platform in WW (such as moodle)?

I hope that this is in the right (sub)forum and if not, sorry.