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Mathquill and WebWork

Mathquill and WebWork

by Geoff Cox -
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I saw a post from a professor using WebWork who claims that a new version of WebWork has Mathquill as a default feature. I have pulled the latest version, but don't see this feature and I can't find any documentation on how to set it up.

Can anyone confirm this and/or point me in the right direction to implement this feature?

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Re: Mathquill and WebWork

by Michael Gage -
The feature is in pull request #992 https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/pull/922

Andrew Parker is developing it and it still needs more reviews before
we merge it although it seems pretty stable.

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Re: Mathquill and WebWork

by Geoff Cox -
Pulling master branch updates are not a problem, but I am struggling with merging this particular branch with my local webwork test server (ubuntu in virtualbox). I am relatively new to github, so I could be doing something really dumb.

Could you point me to some documentation about what github commands will allow me to install this particular branch on my virtual machine?
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Re: Mathquill and WebWork

by Michael Gage -
git always has lots of ways to do things and I'm not an expert, but try this.

in the directory webwork2
git remote add drdrew42 https://github.com/drdrew42/webwork2
# add drdrew42 repos as a remove
git remote -v
# check that it worked
git fetch mgage
# make sure that your local index for the mgage repos is up to date
git branch -t mathquill drdrew42/develop_mathquill
# link a local name to track the remote mathquill repos
 git branch
# just to make sure everything worked
git checkout mathquill
# switch to mathquill branch which is probably based off develop

That should work. Remember to restart the server. If you have local changes you will need to commit them (possibly a temporary branch) before you will be allowed to switch to mathquill. After you have switched you can merge in local changes if necessary.

Hope this helps.