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image and unique alias issue

image and unique alias issue

by Alex Jordan -
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Here is a page from a fork of APEX calculusconverted to PreTeXt:

To experience the issue, scroll to the exercises, and click to open #27. You should see an astroid graph as part of the question.

Then click to open #28 and you should see a squircle.

Now scroll back up to #27. For me with Chrome, the astroid becomes a squircle. With Firefox it does not, but then click on the astroid to make its popup appear, and I see the squircle in the popup, not the astroid.

It's clear that the cause of this is that these images are being made on the WeBWorK server with the same alias, so when the second one is made, it replaces the file on the server. Then anything that would reload the first image on screen ends up showing you the second image. I guess Chrome reloads the image and Firefox does not.

Any ideas on what exactly is causing unique alias production to fail here?
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Re: image and unique alias issue

by Michael Gage -

It looks like you are not using the problemIdentifierPrefix feature of the iframe API. If you insert the number of the problem in there it avoid the problem you are seeing. I remember putting this in specifically to allow the exact same problem file to be used several times in an HTML page.

< iframe width="800" height="400" src="https://demo.webwork.rochester.edu/webwork2/html2xml?
 &courseID=daemon_course& &userID=daemon&
 &course_password=daemon& &showSummary=1&
 &displayMode=MathJax& &problemIdentifierPrefix=102&
 &language=en& &outputformat=sticky">