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Homework grade mode for a single course

Homework grade mode for a single course

by Thomas Wong -
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This is the first time we're testing this set up and maybe there is something obvious I am missing.

Our server default has $LTIGradeMode as course. However, one particular course would like the homework grade mode option.

In that course, I have:
- inserted $LTIGradeMode ="homework" into the course.conf file for that course.
- redirected the links in canvas to include https://[webwork server]/webwork2/[course name]/[homework set name]/

In the course home screen, I see the "You must log into this set via your Learning Management System..." message. But when I follow the new links to access the homework sets, I get:

"The selected problem set ([hmwk set]) is not a valid set for [user]:

You must use your Learning Managment System (E.G. Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, etc...) to access this set. Try logging in to the Learning Managment System and visiting the set from there."

Is there a configuration step I am missing?

Not sure if relevant. I am currently testing the subject. So I am using an "instructor" level account in canvas and mapping that to a "student" level account within webwork

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Re: Homework grade mode for a single course

by Danny Glin -
The error message you're getting sounds like the LTI authentication has already happened, but it's having trouble accessing that homework set.

Most often when I get that error it is because the set is not assigned to me, so this would be the first thing to check.
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Re: Homework grade mode for a single course

by Michael Gage -
I would try creating a fake student in canvas before pursuing this problem too much further. There are some intricacies in setting the configurations correctly.
It might be that webwork is unwilling to create a new homework set for a canvas instructor even though that instructor is mapped to a webwork student.