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Canvas to unsecure WeBWorK server warning message

Canvas to unsecure WeBWorK server warning message

by Larry Riddle -
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I have successfully set up an assignment in Canvas via an external tool allowing students to authenticate to our WeBWorK server via Canvas. However, each time a student clicks on the assignment in Canvas, they will first be taken to a page that says "You are trying to launch insecure content from within a secure site (canvas). Some web browsers may prevent this content from loading." There is then a button to click to load the assignment in a new window. At that point they are taken to the appropriate homework set in WeBWorK to complete the assignment.

I'm assuming this occurs because Canvas is a secured website (https) while our WeBWorK server is an unsecured site (http).

I would like to avoid having this warning message displayed every time a student needs to go to WeBWorK. While the ultimate solution would be to convert our WeBWorK server to a secure one, we are a small college and our (one!) network administrator is a bit overwhelmed at the moment with the beginning of classes next week. So as a temporary measure, I was wondering if any Canvas users who have experienced this same issue know of a way to turn off the warning message so that students will not constantly be having to click through twice to get to their WeBWorK homework sets.
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Re: Canvas to unsecure WeBWorK server warning message

by Michael Fraboni -
I ran into this and the only way I saw to fix it was to setup my webwork server as https. As far as I could tell the warning system was something built pretty deeply into Canvas and couldn't be disabled.