enabling emails

enabling emails

by John Sylvester -
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I am trying to enable the email function in webwork, installed from
the most recent DVD iso. I am a little bit out of my league here, so,
if my questions are way off base, feel free to tell me. I won't get

I have not tried to install an smtp erver.

In the two examples below, I clicked the email button and tried to
send a message to the prof ( The first three lines
are the settings in /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf/site.conf, and the
fourth is the first line of the error message that appeared.

---------------Example 1-------------------
$mail{smtpServer} = '';
$mail{smtpSender} = '';
$mail{tls_allowed} = 1;
all recipients were rejected during RCPT Trace begun at /usr/share/perl5/Email/Sender/Transport/ line 204

Students and staff are not supposed to use '', but some
devices, e.g. our copy machine, use it and ask IT for an smtp
exception. They provide the IP address of the machine originating the
email and the sender, and are permitted to send email without
authentication. I believe that this is the easiest route for me, but I
want to be sure that I know who the sender is before I submit a
request. Is it ? The reason I ask is that, when I look
at the mail headers of messages sent to me from the MAA webwork
server, I see lines like:

ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1;; spf=pass (
domain of designates as
permitted sender)

and later

Received: from maaww ( []) by

where xxxx is the email id of the student sending the
email and is the IP of

Is "maaww" the sender in the config file of the MAA webwork server?
$mail{smtpSender} = '';


---------------Example 2---------------------------
$mail{smtpServer} = '';
$mail{smtpSender} = '';
$mail{tls_allowed} = 1;
Failed to send message: failed after MAIL FROM: 5.5.1 Authentication Required.

I understand that requires authentication, but I
don't understand:

1) Who should authenticate? I guess it must be the sender
2) Is it possible to add a password or a certificate and configure
the Perl module to send this ? "M307" is a special account created for
the course, so I wouldn't be two worried about putting a password in a file.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Even a quick pointer in the
right direction would be appreciated.