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TeX Rendering Issue

TeX Rendering Issue

by Zak Zarychta -
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Hi I have the following variables defined

$planck = 6.63E-34;
$planckD = Real($planck);
$planckU = NumberWithUnits("$planckD J s");

When I try to display in TeX within a question in Google Chrome (oddly fine for Win explorer and firefox), for example

\(h = $planckU\)

renders blank

where as
\(h = \)$planckU
renders the "h =" as TeX in the following
h = 6.63\times 10^{-34}\ {\rm J\,s}

Interestingly, adding a comma immediately after the backslash (for TeX thin space) and replacing the full expression in place of $planckU within the TeX braces above renders as it should in Chrome. PlanckD renders as it should.

Could there be a small issue with the function NumberWithUnits that neglects to to place a comma after the backslash to indicate a thinspace \, after the exponent ?


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Re: TeX Rendering Issue

by Paul Vojta -
It could be a bug in Chrome. Which version of Chrome are you using? I've noticed bugs in Chrome version 78.0.3904.70 that causes MathJax images to be displaced (possibly out of range).
Solution: Upgrade Chrome (78.0.3904.87 works).