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Editing homework sets class-wide after they open

Re: Editing homework sets class-wide after they open

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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Here is what I'm seeing:

With rerandomization turned on:

1. In Library Browser, create homework set, and add problems to it.
2. View problems -- not in homework sets editor, but actually view the problems as a student would: go to homework sets, click on newly created set, click on problems to view them.
3. In Homework Sets Editor, change the weights.
4. View problems again. Those you viewed will have the original weights. Those you did not view will have new weights.

With rerandomization turned off, I don't get the problem.

Maybe I have some old settings in my conf files that should have been updated?
What I am seeing is that with rerandomization turned on, simply viewing a problem in a homework set is enough for a user value to be set.