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The WeBWorK Project - new officer elections and by-laws approval.

The WeBWorK Project - new officer elections and by-laws approval.

by John Travis -
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WeBWorK Colleagues,

As a member of this opensource community forum, you are invited to participate in the approval of official by-laws and in the selection of officers for open positions on the Executive Committee. Over the past couple of years, The WeBWorK Project has been abiding by a beta version of the by-laws and indeed has used this version as part of the incorporation process.

By following the link near the end of this post, you can vote to formally adopt the proposed By-Laws.  In addition, there are two proposed changes to this beta version to consider. You will also vote on Executive Committee open positions.  Yes, this is a bit odd that we are voting all at once but we just don't want to have this vote three times so please accept any presumption in good faith.

The current draft By-Laws for The WeBWorK Project can be reviewed at 


The proposed changes to the beta By-Laws include splitting the current "Program Manager" position into two separate positions: A Technical Manager and a Program Coordinator.

- Technical Manager: Define, maintain, and prioritize a list of projects and tasks necessary for the viability of WeBWorK such as feature requests for WeBWorK and PG, website documentation on the wiki page, and managing WeBWorK2 and PG Bug Fixes.  Ensures high priority tasks are handled in a timely manner.  Support the OPL Manager. Support the Release Manager. Communicate the list to the Program Coordinator. Oversee technical discussions on the Forum.

- Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the activities and contributions of members of the WeBWorK community. The coordinator will maintain a list of volunteers and their particular skills, welcome newcomers and help recruit volunteers for current tasks. This person matches roles and needed work to available volunteers and tracks the progress of these projects.  Support the OPL Manager.  Support the Release Manager.

Also, in accordance to the beta By-Laws, the WeBWorK community needs to vote on new members to the TWP Executive Committee.  Briefly:

Nominations for President are next year.  Robin Cruz has assumed the position and John Travis has moved to Past President.

Nomination/appointment for Program Coordinator -- Marianna Bonanome is the only nomination.

Secretary -- Tim Flowers is the only nomination. (He is the current Secretary.)

Danny Glin is the current "Program Manager" and will assume the new position of Technical manager for the remaining year of his original term presuming that the by-laws change is accepted.

Clear as mud?  Ok. Go ahead and vote now.  We will close the voting on Monday, March 2, 2020

Voting Form:   https://forms.gle/9DUQJbpGSZrgn7fc7

In an attempt to limit voting to one vote per person, you will need to have a gmail associated account to cast a vote. Yes, we know that you could vote several times using various email accounts but we are going to just trust you all this time around. If gmail is a serious issue with you then please let me know via email (travis@mc.edu) and I will add your vote into the results manually.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions to WeBWorK...some of you for over 20 years of faithful service and many joining in more recent times. You all have done an outstanding job by contributing your expertise and energy to this fantastic service for students across the globe. You are appreciated!


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Re: The WeBWorK Project - new officer elections and by-laws approval.

by John Travis -
Thanks to all who voted in this election and approval. Each of the items received unanimous approval including the two officer position elections.