Live DVD and student project

Live DVD and student project

by John Sylvester -
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Two questions/comments:

1) The links (like the one below) appear to be broken:

2) I am a math prof who has been using WebWork on the MAA server while experimenting a bit on my own VM, built from the DVD. There are a lot of things I barely got working (like email). A group of CS students are interested in installing and configuring a WW server as a project. We wouldn't use their server for any real courses because of FERPA rules, but I don't see any reason not to support their project. Do any of you, who are more experienced with WW, think this is a bad idea? Thanks

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Re: Live DVD and student project

by Michael Gage -
Those DVD files were on the old MAA server and were not transferred over, so unfortunately they are not easily available.

I think that the idea of having CS students install WeBWorK is a good project, but I would suggest  having them install it using Docker. The documents for using Docker are
on a github wiki: . A good place to start is These instructions haven't been updated recently and development has been rapid (see github commits) so it would be very useful if the CS students updated the documentation as they set up the site. The first purpose of the docker installation was to make a development installation on a laptop relatively easy. However now there are at least two institutions (UBC and Technion) which are using a Docker webwork installation for production work.

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