Best way to install 2.15?

Best way to install 2.15?

by Stacy Hoehn -
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Our current version of WeBWorK is very dated (last updated 2013).   I am guessing that it will be easier to do a fresh install of the most recent version (2.15?) rather than try to upgrade from version 2.7 -- is that correct? No one who is currently in our IT department has any experience interacting with WeBWorK, so I am trying to find the clearest instructions to give them.  What is the most straightforward way to install version 2.15? From what I can tell, the ww_install script only installs version 2.13.  Are there release notes for version 2.15? Any tips you can provide would be appreciated.  I'm afraid that if I can't provide straightforward documentation to our IT department, they'll just say that they won't update our server for us. 
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Re: Best way to install 2.15?

by Robert Mařík -

Hello, I just istalled on Debian using and have 2.15 version.

The installation was almost smooth. Out of the box the apache2 server did not start and I had to download and install maybe two perl modules. One of them was from dpkg found on unstable branch. Also mathjax did not work and I had to switch the branch as described in istructions for manual installation.

Registration form for new server seems not to work.