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settint up gateway quiz - chaning parameters

Re: settint up gateway quiz - chaning parameters

by Glenn Rice -
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I am unable to reproduce this.  I created a gateway quiz with the 4 problems in the tar ball you attached, and the same settings as in your picture.  I answered all of the problems, and clicked on the preview button.  The preview showed the answers I entered, and the problem parameters were still the same.  If I graded the test, it all seemed to work as it should.

I tested this on a server using webwork and pg versions 2.15, as well as with the develop branch.  I did have to change the © symbol in the problemPanic.pl macro to © to get quiz to load for version 2.15.  That has already been done in the develop branch.  However, I don't think that has anything to do with the problem here.

What version of webwork and pg are you using?