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hierarchical, nested buttons for problem libraries

hierarchical, nested buttons for problem libraries

by Collin Smith -
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We have a rather large set of problem files, by course.  Some of them are quite old, though some continue to get used.  We're trying to move them off, but would like to have a button that says "Old", which would then take one to another set of buttons for the older problems by course.  I'd rather not put them, in a flat, non-hierarchical style, so as to add 9 extra  buttons to our already-two line long set of buttons.  How might one achieve this end?

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Re: hierarchical, nested buttons for problem libraries

by Danny Glin -
A nested set of buttons is not something that is currently implemented.  I can think of a couple of partial solutions:
  1. Having a button called "Old", and then within that file structure having a folder for each course, with subfolders within that by topic.  I'm guessing that this is what you currently have.  This would work reasonably well if each course only had a few subfolders, but if there are a lot of subfolders in each then scrolling to subsequent courses would be awkward.
  2. You could add tags to the OPL taxonomy for your old courses.  e.g. have a subject called "Old Problems", then a chapter with the name of each course, followed by a section for each topic within the course.  This would involve tagging all of the problems, but could be automated by adding tags based on the names of the folders.

I think anything beyond that would involve upgrades to the Library Browser.  I'd love to see the Library Browser improved so that it could handle a variety of different metadata, but that is a bigger project that no one has jumped on.