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Errors in "Docker newbie instructions"

Errors in "Docker newbie instructions"

by Murray Eisenberg -
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Installation of webwork using Docker on a macOS Catalina system went OK following https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/wiki/Docker-newbie-instructions, but I encountered the following issues.

My site is at: ~/Sites/webwork

  1. In the "Next step" section, when I'm already in ~/Sites/webwork/webwork2 from prior steps, the instructions say to do "cd webwork_docker" and then "ls ww-webwork-data". That's wrong! Should be, first do "cd .." and then do "ls ww-docker-data" (both the working directory for the command and the actual command seem to be wrong in the instructions). Note that the next instruction given, "ls ww-docker-data/courses" is correct.
  2. In the "MISC" section, after doing "cd ~/Sites/webwork/webwork2;docker container exec -it webwork2_app_1 bash", I do "cd pg". OK so far. But then doing "git fetch origin" gives error: "fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git".
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Re: Errors in "Docker newbie instructions"

by Murray Eisenberg -
Additional documentation error: in section "Testing the Docker installation", no such command "docker-machine" is found when trying to execute the command "docker-machine --version". This is with the macOS installation of Docker.app.

(Commands "docker" and "docker-compose" are OK.)