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How add Sage to dockerized webwork?

How add Sage to dockerized webwork?

by Murray Eisenberg -
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I just got a webwork installation working in a Docker container. Now how do I add Sage to it?

This is under macOS Catalina. I already have SageMath.app installed directly under macOs. Do I correctly assume that, nonetheless, I have to do a separate install of Sage into the webwork Docker container? If so, how? And if not, how do I link the macOS's Sage to webwork residing in that Docker container?

(I thought it was a great advantage to be able now to use the significantly faster process of starting a Docker container to use webwork on my Mac, without all the overhead of running a Linux VM under Parallels Desktop for Mac. But does that advantage turn out to have a downside when it comes to adding Sage functionality to webwork in the container?)