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by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the offer -- I heard some CEGEP schools were using it.

For now, at least, we're not going to worry about it. We couldn't get it working this summer, and now with everything online, our Moodle team (and IT generally) have their hands full.

It seemed like, if you wanted to generate question banks from problem sets, using Mike's script, you need admin access on Moodle, because you need a new opaque engine each time. So that was a bit of a non-starter because none of faculty have admin privileges and IT would be too busy to help.

We have been working on getting APEX Calculus converted to PreTeXt (you can see the current results at https://opentext.uleth.ca/calculus.html). Many questions (especially in the first 5 chapters) are coded as WeBWorK problems -- you can do them live in the book now, but answers don't get recorded.

In PreTeXt you can strip out the exercises with WeBWorK code and output to pg files, or even to set definition files. I had this idea that you could combine the PreTeXt script with Mike's script, and there you go -- one Moodle question bank for every section in the book.

But maybe this was overly ambitious. :-)