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Using MathQuill on mobile

Using MathQuill on mobile

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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We have MathQuill enabled, and some of my students have had to deal with laptops failing, etc., and with campus closed, they might not have access to a device other than their phones at times.

I know they can turn off MathQuill in the settings, but has anyone figured out a way to use it on a phone?

The main problem I (and some students) encounter: as soon as you need to enter an exponent, MathQuill traps you up there. On a computer, you can use the arrow keys to escape. But a mobile keyboard does not have arrow keys, so there's no way out.

Is therea trick to this I'm just too dense to figure out?

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Re: Using MathQuill on mobile

by Glenn Rice -

On computers with standard keyboards you can press space to get out of the exponent.  However, that doesn't work on mobile devices with the soft keypad for some reason.  I would like to find out why the MathQuill spaceBehavesLikeTab option is not honored on mobile devices with a soft keypad, and fix that.

I have found that you can use touch to move around in the MathQuill answer boxes.  So if you enter an exponent, then you can touch the screen right after the exponent and get out of the exponent.  It is a bit tedious, and I often have to enlarge the screen to get it right.

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Re: Using MathQuill on mobile

by Sean Fitzpatrick -

Yeah, that's what I found. Especially if you have fat fingers.

The first thing I tried was spacebar to get out, but as you point out, this isn't currently working.

Of course the obvious answer is "don't do homework on your phone" but occasionally that's all a student has.