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Preparing new class roster + LDAP authentication

Preparing new class roster + LDAP authentication

by Subasa Nguyen -
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Good afternoon,

Traditionally at our school we have been uploading class rosters to WebWork and set a local password for students.

Recently we've installed a new WebWork system, and are now trying to get LDAP working.

Right now, if I add an user with their Active Directory account name via instructor tools/Add Users, it works. The user can then authenticate using their network account.

When we try to create a class roster *.lst, it doesn't work - user cannot LDAP authenticate. I'm thinking there's something specific to the preparation of this class roster file if we want to use LDAP? Please advise and share examples if you have.

Thank you,


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Re: Preparing new class roster + LDAP authentication

by Danny Glin -

My first thought is that your .lst file is using different characters than when you manually add users.  Here are a few things to try:

  • WeBWorK may be case-sensitive when it comes to logins, so make sure that the usernames in the class list file match the case that you used when manually adding users.
  • Double-check that there are no spaces or other extended characters in the username field when importing.
  • Try exporting a class list file containing a working LDAP user (i.e. one you manually added), and then importing that .lst file to another course.  If this works, then it means that there is something wrong with the .lst files your creating.  In this case I suggest trying a different editor to create the .lst files, and/or saving them in a different format.  In Excel there are several options to save as csv or text, and some of these work better with linux than others, but I can't remember which off hand.
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Re: Preparing new class roster + LDAP authentication

by Subasa Nguyen -
Thank you Danny, we got it to work with your guide.

Much appreciated,