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WeBWorK at the Joint Mathematics Meeting (Jan 6-9)

WeBWorK at the Joint Mathematics Meeting (Jan 6-9)

by Monica VanDieren -
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The WeBWorK Project will have a virtual exhibit as part of the MAA exhibit booth.  Please stop by to see us.  The following zoom sessions are part of our exhibit, but we'll also have asynchronous discussions and posts.

Wed Jan 6, noon-1:00pm* WeBWorK Problem Authoring Session, Mike Gage and Danny Glin
Thurs Jan 7, noon-1:00pm Introduction to WeBWorK, Marianna Bonanome, Robin Cruz, and Monica VanDieren
Thurs Jan 8, 6:00-7:00pm WeBWorK Symposium (BYOB) - meet up with the WeBWorK community
Fri Jan 9, noon-1:00pm WeBWorK Q&A and Show-and-Tell, Marianna Bonanome and Andrew Parker 
*(times listed are mountain)

Please join us during the more informal WeBWorK Symposium and the WeBWorK Q&A to share your favorite WeBWorK problems/features and ask your questions!

Additionally, there are other WeBWorK-related presentations during JMM.  If you have a presentation that you'd like to add to our list of WeBWorK-related talks, please reply or email vandieren@rmu.edu.

Happy New Year!