by Andras Balogh -
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I am trying to instal webwork from cvs (rel-2-3-dev).

I am at the point where apache does not start.

It is apache2, so I understand that there can be all kinds of problems here.

I stripped down the webwork.apache2-config file
to a few lines.

At this point I get an error message about a missing file,
so it does not seem to be apache/perl related.

There is no simple.conf file anywhere in the webwork distribution, but the configuration files are looking for it:

failed to read file /opt/webwork/courses//simple.conf: No such file or directory.

Am I supposed to have this file somewhere?

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Re: simple.conf

by Michael Gage -
The file is automatically created.  In this case the problem is that you are missing the course name   (/opt/webwork/courses/courseName/simple.conf) in the path.  Usually this is a variable $courseName and is defined first in webwork.apache-config  and then used in global.conf.  

Hope this helps point the way.

-- Mike