Problems with wwassignment

Re: Problems with wwassignment

by Michael Gage -
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the wwassignment module I'm using with moodle 1.7 can be obtained as revision rel-2-3-exp

cvs co -r rel-2-3-exp wwmoodle/wwassignment

Will get that version.

You will also want the version of Authen/Moodle which is in HEAD
cvs update -A will get that

and also the HEAD versions of lib/WeBWorK/DB/Schema/Moodle/*

in a week or so I hope to have some time to rework some of these modules for the 2.4 release so that they will work with either moodle 1.6 or moodle 1.7

In the long run these modules should use webservices so that they don't depend upon the organization of each other's databases.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike