Installation Documentation

Installation Documentation

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I noticed that under the available versions of Webworks it goes all the way to version 2.3, but there is no guide for how to install 2.3. Do you know where I can find this guide? If we do install this version is it possible to use your websites information for our publications on Webworks.

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Re: Installation Documentation

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Margaret,

Go to
and under Documentations you will see "WW 2.3 Installation Manual"

Also under More documentation... you will see "Installation Manuals
for specific operating systems especially for non unix experts".
There you will find a guide for SUSE 10.2, and a 98% complete guide
for Debian Linux 4.0. The Fedora Core 6 guide is not written yet.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or especially suggestions
for improvements to the guides, please pass them on. You can post
these if you wish to (click on Installing a
WeBWorK server * Installation)