Apache modules & Webwork: 404: File not found error

Apache modules & Webwork: 404: File not found error

by Thomas Hagedorn -
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Last night, it seemed as if I was almost done with the Webwork installation (still had some errors with setting up the admin course). But today, when I restarted the computer, the Apache server runs (using, but when I type

I get the "404 Error: File not Found" message. Does anyone have an idea why I might be getting this? I searched the web today and didn't find anything that helped. Here's what I've done, without success.

First, I'm running OS 10.5.2 on a MacBook Pro (64-bit). I'm running Apache 2.0.63 and trying to install Webwork 2.4.

I reinstalled Apache2 (prefork, with server-info module enable). I reinstalled Apache2:Request, mod_perl-2.0.4 (in that order).

I had used chown to make all files in Apache and Webwork belonging to hagedorn:wwdata and had made the webserver run as user hagedorn in group wwdata. I've changed these permission back to root:wheel (default) and let Apache2 run as nobody.

I copied the original httpd.conf file and reset it up.

None of these chages make a difference. I've also cleared the cache many times in case that was the issue.

I've attached httpd.conf to this post in case the problem is in that file.

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Re: Apache modules & Webwork: 404: File not found error

by Thomas Hagedorn -
I solved the problem. Apparently, the apachectl command for starting the Apache 2.0.63 server (which I installed for Webwork2) is lower in the $PATH than for the built-in Apache 2.2.28 server (which I didn't know about until now).

Fixing the path got the correct server working.