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I have just installed webwork 2.4.1.

I noticed that the macro was missing in my /opt/webwork/pg/macros folder, it is tagged "7 months aged" (here, so how is it that i didn't get it from the installation.

Can i do safely, without losing any former settings :

# cd /opt/webwork/
# cvs -d checkout pg

Is so is it also valid for :
cvs -d checkout webwork2

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Re: Macros

by Michael Gage -

I inspected the view from the web of the CVS

and noticed that the file is in the HEAD distribution but not yet officially in the rel-2-4-dev distribution.

You can get the file using

cvs update -A
which will get the very latest version of

In general I have found it fairly safe to update pg further (i.e. to a later revision) than I update webwork2. The macros and lib files don't require reconfiguration and (usually) don't require the installation of new CPAN modules so the updates are fairly easy.

For your second question:

Updating will not change any settings in your local installation -- this is why global.conf.dist is updated but global.conf is NOT -- you must transfer any changes in global.conf.dist to global.conf by hand, modifying them to conform to your local settings and configuration. Updates that involve updating the configuration files or adding new CPAN modules take a bit longer and are more work than other upgrades.