WebWork with AWS not working well

WebWork with AWS not working well

by pb math -
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I followed the tutorial for starting an instance of webwork using AWS. Everything seemed to go fine but now I have the following issues:

If I try to connect to my AWS public IP, by just pasting it into the browser it gives me the apache page perfect, but if I try https:// IPaddress, nothing, just failed to connect.

If I visit AWS_ip_address/webwork2 the browser seems to take about 2min of loading and then I see the webwork page, literally every interaction with the webwork page involves this hang time of 2 or so min.

I am the only person accessing this server, and just trialing it out for myself - I assume it's a simple fix, I just don't know anything about server things. Can anyone help?

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Re: WebWork with AWS not working well

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Solved by 'Danny' , reading the full instructions "We have to replace all occurrences of by your the new URL ( in our example above). You can do this one by one or by a global search and replace. To use global search and replace enter the command: "