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WeBWorK 2.16 Release Candidate

WeBWorK 2.16 Release Candidate

by Danny Glin -
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The WeBWorK Project is pleased to announce the first release candidate of WeBWorK 2.16.  This release contains a number of bug fixes, security patches and new features, including:

  • A manual problem grader, which allows you to change a student’s grade and add comments directly from the problem page.
  • When a student clicks on a timed gateway quiz, they now get a confirmation dialog informing them of the time limit before starting the quiz.
  • The ability to use tikx images in PG problems.

For the full list, see the Release Notes.

The new version is already in use at multiple institutions.  It can be obtained by checking out the WeBWorK-2.16 and PG-2.16 branches from GitHub.  If you are installing from scratch, consult the installation manual.  If you are upgrading an existing installation, consult the upgrade instructions.

You can get help from the community with installation or usage using the online forums.  You can also look for us on Slack.

Please report any bugs to https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/issues.