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WeBWorK courses on Edfinity

WeBWorK courses on Edfinity

by Bob Carmichael -
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If you are looking to transition from an existing WeBWorK hosting solution, please consider Edfinity. We have assisted several institutions with this process, and can import existing WeBWorK courses to get you up and running quickly. 

With a growing user base of over 300 institutions, including some of the largest institutions in the country, Edfinity strives to provide an affordable and robust WeBWorK-compatible homework system. Features include LMS integration, adaptive learning, real-time metrics, support for online exams, and an intuitive interface. We support payment by both students and departments, and also have federal funds available to subsidize access costs based on an institution’s needs.

We have a number of onboarding sessions scheduled over the next couple of weeks. If you'd like to attend and/or learn more, please drop us a line at hello@edfinity.com.

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Re: WeBWorK courses on Edfinity

by Jessica Wade -

I just checked my first payments, they use recurring payment processing which has options all around the world. I was worried because I'm in China and we don't use cards as MasterCard or Visa but they had every option available, they even accept Alipay. So yes, I don't know where you are, but you can pay with internet banking.