Cannot use LDAP (AD)

Cannot use LDAP (AD)

by L Ng -
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Trying to get ldap to work but it is not working

In my course log, I get

[Tue Aug 03 22:56:33 2021] AUTH LDAP: authentication failed, deferring to superclass user_id=jsmith login_type=normal credential_source=params host= port=52850 UA=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/92.0.4515.107 Safari/537.36

what is that host ip coming from? and port? That is not my ldap/ad ip and port number.

Warning messages

  • AUTH LDAP: bind error 49: The wrong password was supplied or the SASL credentials could not be processed

here are my settings:

# Set LDAP as the authentication module to use.

$authen{user_module} = {

        "*" => "WeBWorK::Authen::LDAP",


$authen{ldap_options} = {

        #   Edit the host(s) below:

        net_ldap_hosts => [






        # connection options

        net_ldap_options => {

                timeout => 30,

                version => 3,


        # base to use when searching for user's DN

        # Edit the data below:

        net_ldap_base => "OU=Staff,OU=Users,DC=school,DC=com",

        # Use a Bind account if set to 1

        bindAccount => 1,

        #searchDN => "CN=ldap_admin,OU=AdminGroup,OU=Users,DC=school,DC=com",

         bindPassword =>  "topSecretPassword",

         # Uncomment this line if you use Active Directory.

        net_ldap_rdn => "sAMAccountName",

         failover => "all",


I don't get it.. every other app works but not WeBWorK's ldap settings..

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Re: Cannot use LDAP (AD)

by L Ng -

Please disregard this thread... i found out where the error was after reading the docs a bit more :-)

Now it is working