Where is the default page located to change the style?

Where is the default page located to change the style?

by L Ng -
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Where is the default page located? I want to remove the WeBWorK logo and add some text underneath it.

Where is it?


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Re: Where is the default page located to change the style?

by Alex Jordan -

Most of below is specific to the new version 2.16.

The template for most pages is:


You should not modify this file, because it is tracked by git and very likely to be edited between versions. But you can copy the math4 folder to a new folder named something else and customize the theme that way. You may need to rename the .css and .js files in the new folder to match your new theme name.

You would need to change the configuration (either at the course.conf level or with localOverrides.conf) to use your new theme.

The system.template is populated by:


In particular it is responsible for placing the WeBWorK logo at that location. If you want to put something else there, then in your new custom theme, you would remove the line with this:


and put something else there. If you put something else there, it may mess up the styling css, and you will have to make some custom edits to the css in your custom theme. Be aware of the need to clear your browser cache to see changes take effect.

The above is doable but may be asking for trouble. At minimum, you will probably have to rebuild your custom theme when you upgrade to the next version of WW. It could be a lot easier to leave the WeBWorK logo in place and instead replace the institution logo (which is the MAA logo by default) with the new things. For that, you can forget about the above and continue to use the default math4 theme. All you need to do is add lines like these to a config file like localOverrides.conf:

$institutionLogo = 'myimage';
$institutionURLĀ  = 'URL for target if a user clicks on the image';
$institutionName = 'Name of the target, to be used in alt text';

myimage is an image file that you place in webwork2/htdocs/themes/math4/images/. It could be for example 'myimage.svg' containing some text.

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Re: Where is the default page located to change the style?

by L Ng -

Thank you Alex.

I figured out much of what you said but was gearing more towards say adding text in between and in the white /blank space the WeBWorK logo and Course Listing on the landing page.

I was able to change the logo but on the masthead, I am not able to "vertical align" the graphic I wanted LOL.

Anyway, the main thing is the text I want to add as illustrated in the space highlighted in yellow in the screenshot attached

screenshot of home page