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Michael Gage - WeBWorK overview

Michael Gage - WeBWorK overview

by Arnold Pizer -
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WeBWorK is an internet based method for delivering homework problems to students

over the internet. It gives students instant feedback as to whether or not their answers are correct.

Here is the list of features in WeBWorK

The interested reader can use WeBWorK by connecting to Use the login name "practice1" and the password "practice1".

At the University of Rochester WeBWorK is currently being used for the precalculus and calculus cluster and for first semester calculus. We anticipate that it will soon be used in more math courses, and hope that it will prove useful in other disciplines as well. WeBWorK builds on the experiences of an earlier program, CAPA, developed at Michigan State University, differing mainly in its use of a new generation of electronic technology to accomplish its purpose.

Each WeBWorK problem set is individualized (each student has a different version of each problem, for example the numerical values in the formulas may be slightly different.

The student completes the assignment,logs onto the internet and enters their answers into a web browser. The WeBWorK system responds telling the student whether an answer (or set of answers) is correct or incorrect and also records whether the student answered the question correctly or incorrectly . The student is free to try a problem as many times as he or she wishes until the due date.

A key educational benefit of this system is that if a student gets a wrong answer,

the student gets immediate feedback while the problem is still fresh in their mind.

The student can then correct a careless mistake, review the relevant material before

attacking the problem again, or seek help (frequently via e-mail) from friends, the TA or the instructor.


ww_bluesq:The WeBWorK Team

General information

ww_bluesq: What are the educational goals of WeBWorK?
WeBWorK doesn't attempt everything; which educational challenges does WeBWorK address?
ww_bluesq:student reactions to WeBWorK
Rave reviews (of course).
ww_bluesq: List of WeBWorK Features:

Using WeBWorK

ww_bluesq:How Students use WeBWorK ww_bluesq: The Introduction for Students which we hand out at the beginning of a WeBWorK course.
ww_bluesq:How Instructors use WeBWorK
Highlights. More complete descriptions and step by step instructions are under sections Installing WeBWorK, Managing a WeBWorK course and wrilting problems in the PG language listed on the left margin of each page.

More information about WeBWorK

ww_bluesq: What is the technological design philosophy for WeBWorK?
A short description of how our technical design philosophy.
ww_bluesq:How to obtain WeBWorK
WeBWorK is free for use by academic institutions.
ww_bluesq:Comparing WeBWorK with CAPA
For those familiar with CAPA, this page details the similarities and differences.
ww_bluesq: How to install WeBWorK on a new machine:
Installing WeBWorK
ww_bluesq: How to set up a new WeBWorK course and how to manage it.
Managing a WeBWorK course
ww_bluesq: How to write new homework problems using the PG language
PG language

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userDavid Etlinger - Re: WeBWorK overview blueArrow
1/4/2001; 10:21:01 AM (reads: 6348, responses: 0)
We (I?) should update paragraph 3 to indicate that more courses now use WeBWorK, as the purpose of this page is partly "propaganda."

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