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Michael Gage - Sending Feedback

Michael Gage - Sending Feedback

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicSending Feedback topic started 4/13/2000; 2:18:57 PM
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userMichael Gage - Sending Feedback  blueArrow
4/13/2000; 2:18:57 PM (reads: 8839, responses: 1)
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userChahngwoo Yi - Re: Sending Feedback  blueArrow
8/4/2003; 1:49:31 AM (reads: 4376, responses: 0)
I've got no problem when I compile the following two equivalent expressions using "perl *.pl" from the command line.


$string= "[ -1 0 -2 ]\n[ 0 1 1 ]\n[ 1 0 1 ]\n"; $G=MatrixReal1->new_from_string($string);


$G=MatrixReal1->new_from_string(<<"MATRIX"); [ -1 0 -2 ] [ 0 1 1 ] [ 1 0 1 ] MATRIX


With second code, everything was O.K. But an error message came up when I tried to see on the webpage with first code and the error is :


Software error

Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/calculus/webwork/system/courseScripts/ line 582. main::l2h_sticky_answers called at /usr/calculus/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ line 471 eval {...} called at /usr/calculus/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ line 78


Any comment will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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