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Section numbers dynamically deleted?

Section numbers dynamically deleted?

by Tim Alderson -
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We have an instructor reporting that after manually entering section numbers into the class list, the numbers were dynamically deleted. The only section numbers remaining are those of the professors (logged in both directly and through LTI).

The section numbers seemed to disappear piecemeal rather than all at once, so perhaps upon authenticating through the LTI, the particular student's section information is stripped.

No others seem to be using section numbers here, so I have no comparison group. I have not found references to this type of issue in the forums.

We are using WW 2.16, with LTI through D2L.  

Any thoughts on what might be happening here would be most welcome.
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Re: Section numbers dynamically deleted?

by Glenn Rice -

If you have $LMSManageUserData=1; in authen_LTI.conf, then any data that is manually set will be overridden when a student logs in.  So if you set the section manually in webwork, and then a student logs in via LTI authentication and the data from the LMS does not contain that section number, it will be removed.  So you will probably need to change the setting in authen_LTI.conf to $LMSManageUserData=0;.

I had to do this for another faculty member that wanted to do this as well.  You can set that setting in the courses course.conf file if you only want it for that course.

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Re: Section numbers dynamically deleted?

by Tim Alderson -

Thank you Glenn. Your suggestion worked!

I did not see such a setting in course.conf, so I edited authen_LTI.conf.