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Adding Instructor to a course.

Adding Instructor to a course.

by Jun Wang -
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At our school we have been recycling old courses for several years without problems. Each instructor has created courses he/she regularly teaches and, at the begining of each semester, instructors just export the old databases, delete all students from the classlists, and add new students to courses. This may not be safe but we never had any problems.

This time an Instructor accidently deleted all users (including herself) from a course. I need to add her to the course with professor permission (she does not want to create a new course as she has all her homework sets and quizzes ready in the old course). I tried the newpassword.pl and import_classlist-xxx without success. The admin course has no such a function. I may have to create a new course for her and copy the set definitions from her old course to the new one. But before I do it that hard way, are there other command line utilities to do this job? Thanks.


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Re: Adding Instructor to a course.

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Jun,

I don't think there is any command line utility to add a single user to the course. If you have a script to import a classlist into the course that should let you add users. I'm not seeing an import_classlist script in the WeBWorK bin directory, so I'm not sure what that script is doing.

Another option is to manually add the user to the appropriate WeBWorK database tables, but that's probably as hard as creating a new course and deleting the old one.