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Email instructor button generating multiple emails

Email instructor button generating multiple emails

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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I'm wondering if anyone else is noticing that they are sometimes getting several copies of emails generated by WeBWorK when students use the "email instructor" button.

It's possible there is something configured incorrectly on my server. But I've occasionally received two or three copies of the same message, and I just had another instructor complain that she got 5 copies of an email.

Maybe students are just being impatient and clicking the button a bunch of times?

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Re: Email instructor button generating multiple emails

by Andras Balogh -
I see the same problem sometimes. I also thought that students are just clicking over and over again on the send button, because I remember some versions ago webwork kept the message on the screen after sending it. But I just checked, and our version 2.15 has a "Return to your work" page after the email is sent.
It is hard to imagine why a student would use the back button and then the send button again.
I also do not get multiple emails when I send them myself from a temporary student account.